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First Edition, 2014. Published by the Art Farm Gallery with The Beard Arts Center, Indiana Wesleyan University, USA, 80 pages. 11 oz. Paperback with front and back cover flaps. Library of Congress Control Number: 2014911083, ISBN 978-0-9611726-7-1, $30.00 each.

This bilingual book is 10.25 x 7.5 . It features traditional and modern Chinese brush paintings and calligraphy made by Prof. I-Hsiung Ju during the years he spent in the United States. It includes his last two major works, the monumental multi-panel landscape paintings of the Yangtze River and Huangshan Mountains, which were part of the exhibition at the Beard Arts Center Gallery at Indiana Wesleyan University in September, 2013.



First Edition. Published by the Golden Production Co., Hong Kong, 1996, 55 pages. 8.5 oz. Paperback with front and back flaps. Library of Congress catalog card no. 96-94760, ISBN 962-8146-01-0, $40.00 each.

This bilingual book is 7.5 x 10.25 . It contains twenty-five new paintings of North American landscape scenes done in the Chinese brush painting style by Professor Ju. All in brilliant colors and with explanations and comments next to each painting by the author himself. The book includes an introduction by Dr. Joan H. O Mara, a special article by Virginia Lloyd-Davies, a poem by James Tilton, and many comments both in Chinese and in English by art critics from China, Taiwan, and the Philippines.



Fourth Edition, 1997, 120 pages. 5.25 oz. Paperback. Library of Congress catalog card no. 82-70338, ISBN 0-9611726-0-6, $12.00 each.

This instructional book for Chinese brush painting on bamboo includes an introductory of appreciation of Chinese calligraphy and painting, and the equipment and supplies, the basic exercise on painting bamboo trunks, branches, and leaves, and the basic composition of a bamboo painting. Illustration and instruction work together side by side for general readers as well as painting students.



2007 reprint of the 1989 Second Edition, 133 pages. 7.25 oz. Paperback. Library of Congress catalog card no. 89-85946, ISBN 0-9611726-1-4, $12.00 each.

This instructional book for painting orchid begins with an introduction of mood and modes of Chinese brush painting. This is followed by more studies of painting tools and positions of hand for doing the exercises. Professor Ju demonstrates many step-by-step lessons on leaves and flowers. Finally, there is the discussion of composition and creative ideas. Besides the black and white illustrations, there are twenty-two black and white prints of the author s paintings.



First Edition, 1984, 165 pages. 8.5 oz. Paperback. Library of Congress catalog no. 84-72557. ISBN 0-9611726-2-2, $12.00 each.

The author, in this instructional book for Chinese brush painting on chrysanthemum, first gives a talk on symbolism in Chinese art, then on the proper way of holding the brush and using the ink. He then gives detailed lessons on how to paint the flowers, leaves, and branches, in both running and outline styles. The illustrations and diagrams are carefully arranged throughout the entire book.



First Edition, 1988, 185 pages. 10 oz. Paperback. Library of Congress catalog card no. 88-82745, ISBN 0-9611726-3-0, $12.00 each.

Prof. Ju introduces the versatility of the plum painting and the meaning of rhythm. He then discusses how to make the composition by doing the huge trunk first, then the smaller branches. Many open spaces are kept for the groups of flowers. But, he also presents another technique by first arranging groups of flowers, then connecting them by adding branches and trunks. Finally, he shows how to wash the background of a painting. There are four color plates of plum paintings by the author at the end of the book.